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Daily Stretch:  Upper Body ~ Arms

Stay active to stay healthy. Even when you're stuck at your desk it's good to take a stretch break. These quick stretches are easy to do and only take a few seconds. You will feel better.

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The Refinery Skin Clinic is next door to Ambiance Salon, so I'm really in the same location, only the spa services side changed owners.

The new owners, Rebecca and Tracey are amazingly talented and we now have many new services. And of course our menu of relaxing, rejuvenating, therapeutic massage and body wrap services are still available.

Massage is amazing and I'm not just talking about receiving one. When I give a massage it is a performance of relaxation. Hearing my clients say - That was... "amazing" "fabulous" "so indulgent" "best 60 minutes of my life" "I don't want to leave" is what makes massage therapy one of absolute best jobs I've ever had.

Share a link to The Refinery Skin Clinic with your friends as a favor to me. I really love what I do, because it feels good to help others feel good. And I want to keep doing that.

When was your last massage?

The answer I hear when I ask my clients this question is somewhere between two months and two years. Of course, massage frequency depends on your budget as it relates to balancing everything else you do for yourself. Only you know what that balance is.

When that time comes, and you are ready for your massage, you should insist on the best service available. You want the kind of massage that your friends will not believe when you describe it to them.

"That was the best massage ever!" When was the last time you said that to your therapist? For what you are spending for a massage, don't you think that should be your response every time?

I'd love to see you at my spa but, no matter where you go, I hope that your therapist's healing touch makes you say those six words.

Have you been bitten by the Essential Oil bug? Once you add them to your massage service you'll never go without it. Essential Oils are wonderful and natural. Essential Oils can relax your mind or make you more aware. Essential Oils are great at home too when added in your bath, in the air with diffusers, or on your skin mix with lotion. 

Tony Carlisle

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